Homeland-Map of Germany

Since 2013 I am experimenting with moving pictures of today’s landscapes in Germany and I am trying to merge them into an imaginary Homeland-Map. The central idea behind that imaginary map is to create a representative collection of German moving-landscape-sights. 

Important for my project is the actual movement of the camera, which produces an effect of blurring, fuzziness, deformation and explosion. Usually moving by train, the photographer-camera-system is the only image-processor in this project. The pictures achieved by a linear movement of a camera can be considered hybrids between photography, painting, graphic, collage etc. Although every shot is intentional, results are hardly predictable.

The aesthetics of delusion result in something delirious or raving correspondent to the power of suggestion or the trance of moving landscapes. One gets lost in the view of landscapes, which continuously strip away. This is the trigger for the sentiment and the play of imagination, for which cultural patterns, picture-traditions and historic ideas are of crucial importance. Delirious Landscapes are dangerous landscapes.

Our relation to landscape changes, when everyday life is emancipating from local conditions and restrictions, driven by even faster acceleration, global networking and virtualisation.

Our relation to landscape today is therefore a relation to something disappearing.